5 unit operation (cont.) – Frymaster Portable Filters MF90 Series User Manual

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4.5 Unit Operation (cont.)

8. With oil return nozzle in the vessel, turn

filter switch “ON” to begin pumping
clean oil into the fryer. Allow the oil to
recycle through the fryer for a few
seconds to wash out sediment on the
bottom of the cooking vessel before
closing the drain valve.

9. Close the drain valve handle. It takes

approximately 5 to 7 minutes for the filter
to pump all the oil back into the fryer.

10. Allow the pump to run for 10-15 seconds

after air starts to flow through the wand,
before shutting off the filter. Clearing
residual shortening/oil from the return
lines reduces the likelihood of clogged


Operating the fryer without oil in the fryer vessel will cause damage to the

fryer and the warranty will be voided.