1 operating problems – Frymaster Portable Filters MF90 Series User Manual

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6.1 Operating Problems

Plugged lines and plugged filter paper account for over 90% of filtration system
malfunctions. Troubleshooting flowcharts included in this chapter, provide step-by-step
instructions to assist the operator in diagnosing common malfunctions.

A. Plugged Lines

1. If solid shortening is used, and the portable filter is operated improperly, the motor

may deactivate before hot shortening is completely pumped back into the fryer.
Solidification of shortening in the lines will occur as the shortening cools. It is very
important to pump all hot shortening out of the lines to prevent plugging.

2. Hot oil/shortening drains from the frypot into the filter pan, then is drawn through

the filter paper, exits the pan through the ports on the filter pan bottom, then flows
through a rigid tube to the filter pump. From the pump, oil returns to the fryer
through the flexible oil return hose.

3. A solid-shortening plug can exist anywhere in this path; locate the plug using the

procedures found in the flowcharts at the end of this chapter

4. To guard against plugged lines when using solid shortening, follow these guidelines:

a. At the end of the filtering cycle, let the filter bubble into the fryer through the

flexible hose for about 10-15 seconds. If it is blowing bubbles, air is moving
through the lines and the filter is less likely to be plugged.

b. If your filter is equipped with a pan heater, use it each time before you filter.

c. When pumping hot shortening back into the fryer, tilt the filter machine to the

rear for about ten seconds at the end of the filtering cycle. This will remove
about three cups of hot shortening remaining in the bottom port area.

d. When filtering is completed, disconnect the flexible line and drain any

remaining shortening from the line.

B. Plugged Paper

Improper use of the filter pre-coat powder will cause a slow oil flow return rate. The first
indication of paper plugging is a surging, jerking movement of the hose. To correct this,
review the instructions for the correct use of filter powders, and change the filter paper more
frequently. When filtering several fryers prior to changing paper, ensure that excess
sediment is scraped off the filter paper after filtering each frypot. If plugged paper remains a
problem, review the following flowcharts for proper diagnosis.