3 daily- close of business, 4 weekly – Frymaster Portable Filters MF90 Series User Manual

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5.3 Daily- Close Of Business

At the close of a working day, the last order of business should be to filter the oil in all fryers.
When the last fryer is finished, follow these steps:

1. Ensure the flexible hose and pump lines are clear by running the filter pump for an

additional 10–15 seconds after air bubbles start coming from the oil return line. Then
drain the flexible hose.

2. Remove the filter pan cover and hold-down ring assembly, then remove the filter

paper and filter support screen.

3. Discard the top filter paper sheet and retain bottom filter paper sheet for re-use.

4. Wash all filter components with soapy water and rinse.

5. Dry all filter parts and filter pan thoroughly before reassemb ling.

6. Check all fittings at the rear of the filter unit; ensure that all fittings are properly



The crumb tray in portable filter systems must be emptied into a fireproof

container at the end of frying operations each day. Some food particles can

spontaneously combust if left soaking in certain shortening material.

5.4 Weekly

Follow the same procedure as for “Daily”, with these additional steps:


Wash the filter pan with hot, soapy water and a brush. Dry and reassemble with new
filter paper.


Clean thoroughly under, around, and behind the fryers and filtering area.


Do not operate motor/pump until all traces of water have been removed from the
pan. Under no circumstances should water or boil-out solution be allowed to enter
the pump housing.


Check the connections of the inlet lines and tighten if lines become loose or start to
leak oil.