2 filtering tools, 3 filter preparation, 4 changing filter paper – Frymaster Portable Filters MF90 Series User Manual

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4.2 Filtering Tools

These tools are not required, but are recommended to make the filtering task easier.

A. Measuring Cup : Used to measure eight ounces by volume of filter powder.

B. Scrub Brush: To clean sediment and residue from the filter pan and fry vessel.

C. Appropriate Clothing.

4.3 Filter Preparation

1. Position the MF-90 filter next to the fryer. Remove filter pan lid and position filter

unit under frypot drain- valve extension

2. Ensure the filter power switch is in “OFF” position prior to connecting to power


3. Plug power cord into electrical outlet. The filter unit is ready for filtering. If

equipped, turn on heater switch to allow pan to preheat. After filtering, follow
instructions in Section 4.4, Changing Filter Paper.


The crumb tray (if equipped) in portable filter systems must be emptied into a

fireproof container at the end of frying operations each day. Some food

particles can spontaneously combust if left soaking in certain shortening


4.4 Changing Filter Paper

The top sheet of filter paper should be replaced
after each filter session, and most certainly at the
beginning of each workday. If filter paper is
replaced once per day, excess sediment should
be scraped from the top filter paper after each
frypot is filtered (see photo). Filter at closing if
possible. This ensures the oil/shortening is at
proper filtering temperature.

Scrape excess sediment from top filter
paper sheet after filtering.