4 unpacking the filter system – Frymaster Portable Filters MF90 Series User Manual

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2.4 Unpacking the Filter System

Ensure the container is upright. Unpack the filter carefully and remove all accessories from the
carton. Do not discard or misplace parts and/or accessories; they will be needed. Any
accessories or starter kits included with the unit will be packaged inside the filter tank strapped
to the shipping frame.

After unpacking, immediately check the equipment for visible signs of shipping damage. If
such damage has occurred, contact the carrier and file the appropriate freight claims. Do not
contact the factory, as the responsibility of shipping damage is between the carrier and dealer
or end- user.

If your equipment arrives damaged:

a. File claim for damages immediately – Regardless of extent of damage.

b. Visible loss or damage – Be sure this is noted on the freight bill or express receipt and is

signed by the person making the delivery.

c. Concealed loss or damage – If damage is unnoticed until equipment is unpacked, notify

freight company or carrier immediately, and file a concealed damage claim. This should be
done within 15 days of date of delivery. Retain the shipping container for inspection.

NOTE: Dean does not assume responsibility for damage or loss incurred in transit.