1 general (cont.), 2 rating plate, 3 pre-installation – Frymaster Portable Filters MF90 Series User Manual

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2.1 General (cont.)

The used oil may be drained by gravity from the fryer into the filter pan, or removed from the fryer
by use of a suction/return hose, according to model. The oil is pumped back into the fryer vessel
using the same suction/return hose.

Oil or shortening is filtered through replaceable filter paper. Filter powder, which enhances the
filtering process, is distributed over the paper prior to filtering.

All units are shipped completely assembled with accessories packed inside the frypots. All units are
adjusted, tested and inspected at the factory before shipment.


The on-site supervisor is responsible for ensuring that operators are made aware of

the inherent dangers of operating a hot oil filter system, particularly the aspects of

oil filtration, and drain ing/cleaning procedures.

A 7-amp (115V-domestic), or 5-amp (230V- international) circuit breaker installed on the filter unit
switches the power OFF if an overload occurs.

NOTE: If the circuit breaker is triggered, depress the reset button to activate the circuit after the

failure has been detected and repaired.

2.2 Rating Plate

Information on the rating plate includes model and serial numbers, as well as electrical requirements.
Have the rating plate information handy when communicating with the factory about a unit or
requesting special parts or information. Without this information, proper identification of the unit
cannot be confirmed.

2.3 Pre-Installation

NOTE: Failure to use qualified service personnel will void the Dean warranty.

A. Standards: Use of this filter unit must be in accordance with all applicable state and local


B. Electrical Connections: Domestic MF90 filter units require a 115V 60 Hz., 15 amp electrical

supply. Units are equipped with a grounded male receptacle for use with a flexible six- foot,
16-3 SJT power cord set. If an extension cord is required, it must be a three-conductor,
grounded power cord of at least 16 gauge.