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Compass Onwer’s Manual – Models GP600 SS, GP600 CC, GP601SS, GP601 CC Revised 060208



Your Compass

is simple to operate. However, for your safety and the safety of others,

Golden Technologies, Inc. recommends that you carefully read and understand the
following operating instructions. We also recommend that you practice operating your

in an area free of any obstacles. Once you have gained confidence in your

ability to control your power chair, you will more easily be able to operate it in normal
daily conditions.

Before turning on the power of your Compass

, take note of your environment and set

your speed control accordingly. (see “The Speed Control Buttons” Figure 17) For indoor
driving, we recommend that you select the lowest speed setting. For outdoor driving,
we recommend that you select a speed setting at which you feel comfortable, safe, and
in control of your power chair. Familiarize yourself with the features of your Compass

described below and follow the instructions to safely operate your power chair.

DRIVING: The Joystick On/Off Switch
Push the on/off button to turn on the power to your Compass

. See figure 17.

The 8 LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) will flash once and a number of LEDs will remain
depending on the state of the battery charge.
♦ The LED array, that functions as the battery charge gauge, will light up. See “Battery
Charging” on page 28.
Pressing the on/off button again will turn off the power to your Compass


Figure 17

On/Off Button

Speed Control - Slower

Speed Control - Faster

Battery Charge LED


Horn Button

Speed Setting LED



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