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Compass Onwer’s Manual – Models GP600 SS, GP600 CC, GP601SS, GP601 CC Revised 060208



The Speed Control Buttons

These buttons provide you with a way to control the maximum speed of your


♦ Press the “turtle” button repeatedly to set your chair’s speed to the slowest setting

(recommended for indoor operation). Slowest speed is indicated by one (1) lit LED
section on the speed indicator scale.
♦ Press the “rabbit” button repeatedly to set your chair’s speed to its highest setting.
Highest speed is indicated by five (5) lit LED sections on the speed indicator scale.

NOTE: For your safety, the controller automatically sets the reverse speed,

acceleration, and deceleration in proportion to the speed control setting.

The Joystick
The joystick (see figure 17 on previous page) controls the speed (up to the maximum
limit set by the speed control knob) and direction of your power chair.

NOTE: When you are not pushing on the joystick, or when you release the

joystick, the joystick will automatically return to the neutral position, the
chair will decelerate, as the electromagnetic brakes are applied, and come
to a smooth stop.

Pushing the joystick away from the neutral (center) position will move your
Compass™ in the direction that the joystick is pushed.

♦ The farther forward or backward you push the joystick, the faster your power

chair will go.

To operate your power chair, gently push the joystick in the direction in

which you want to travel.

♦ Gentle operation of the joystick will provide you with smoother changes in speed

and direction.

♦ Sharp or jerky operation of the joystick will result in quick and drastic changes in

direction and speed.

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