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Compass Onwer’s Manual – Models GP600 SS, GP600 CC, GP601SS, GP601 CC Revised 060208



The Joystick Display

The joystick display (see figure 17 on page 22) is a multifunctional visual display.
This display provides three types of information.
1. On/Off status
2. Battery charge level
3. Fault diagnostics

1. On/Off Status

When you turn on the power to your Compass

, the LED array will light up

(see figure 17 on page 22).
♦ If the LED array is not lit, the controller and the power chair are not in
operating mode.

2. Battery Charge Level

The joystick LED array is composed of six LED’s.
♦Two red
♦Two amber
♦Four green

When all eight (8) LEDs are lit continuously, there is a full charge on the
batteries. As you use your power chair and the batteries discharge, LEDs in
the array will begin to turn off in descending order. A single lit red LED
indicates the lowest state of operable charge on the batteries. The batteries
should be charged immediately.

NOTE: To ensure a dependable battery charge, we recommend that you charge

the chair’s batteries overnight. Doing this will prolong the life of the
batteries and spare you loss of operational power while you are using your
chair normally.

Do not charge the batteries when all 8 LEDs are lit, indicating that the
batteries are at full charge. Charging the batteries when they are fully
charged will shorten the life of the batteries.

3 . Fault Diagnostics

The joystick LED array is also designed to help you diagnose any problems with
the electrical components of your power chair. The LED array does this by
flashing on and off in a coded sequence.
See the table on the following page to see the list of diagnosable problems and
the flash code sequence.

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