Operating procedure, Switch to generator power – Generac 1403-0 User Manual

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Generac Portable Products Power Transfer System



This manual section describes the routine procedures

used by the owner to operate the Power Transfer

Each Load Manager™ switch is equipped with six

three-position switches. The switch positions labeled

“LINE” are used for connecting the desired devices to

the utility power source. The switch positions labeled

“OFF” are used for load management. The switch

positions labeled “GEN” are used for connecting

desired circuits to the generator power source.

Switch To Generator Power

To switch to generator power after a utility power

1. Ensure all Load Manager™ switches are in “LINE”

position, as shown in Figure 18.

2. Align the female socket of the connecting cord set

with the connection box receptacle’s mating male

prongs, as shown in Figure 19. Push cord set

connector in and twist clockwise to lock.

3. Align the male prongs on the other end of the cord

set with the mating female terminals of the

generator’s 50 Amp 240V receptacle, as shown in

Figure 20. Push connector fully into receptacle.

4. Ensure generator is outdoors and fuel is adequate.
5. Start the generator using instructions given in the

generator owner’s manual.

Figure 18 — Switches in LINE Position

Figure 19 — Connection Box Connection

Figure 20 — Align Connector at Generator