Identifying circuits – Generac 1403-0 User Manual

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Generac Portable Products Power Transfer System


21. As shown in Figure 15, trim, strip, and connect

each wire to the appropriate terminal on the

locking receptacle on the connection box inner

panel. Use the schematic affixed to the inside of

the connection box to make proper wire

connections. When all connections have been

made, install the connection box inner panel.

Connecting Cord Set
22. Referring to the schematic in Figure 16 and the

markings on the connector itself, properly attach

the plug to the pigtail end of the connecting cord


Identifying Circuits

A label, similar to that depicted in Figure 17, is

provided on each Load Manager™ switch cover. The

installer should fill in this information, describing the

appliance and the related circuit numbers in the load

control center.
This completes the installation of the Generac Portable

Products Power Transfer System. The installer should

test the system, as described in the TESTING section,

and instruct the homeowner in proper routine testing


Figure 15 — Connection Box Connections

Figure 16 — 50 Amp Cord Set Connector

Figure 17 — Circuit Identification Label