Installation procedure – Generac 1403-0 User Manual

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Generac Portable Products Power Transfer System




Load Manager™ Switch
Before removing the load center cover, plan mounting

location for both Load Manager™ switches. To do so,

hold a Load Manager™ switch about 18 inches from

the center of the load center, as shown in Figure 2.

NOTE: The following procedure describes the

installation of one Load Manager™ switch. Use

identical instructions to install and test the second

Load Manager™ switch.
1. Ensure there is enough room to mount both Load

Manager™ switches so their flex conduit attaches

directly to the load center.

2. Identify appropriate vacant load center 3/4”



: Contact with wires and terminals

inside the load center must be avoided as

contact may result in dangerous electrical

shock. Before removing the load center cover,

switch OFF the main circuit breaker serving the

load center. Remember that wires on the line

side of the main circuit breaker are electrically


3. Turn OFF the load center’s main circuit breaker,

then remove the load center cover.

4. Remove the predetermined knockouts. Route all

wires extending from the flexible conduit attached

to a Load Manager™ switch through the empty

hole, as shown in Figure 3. Secure the conduit

connector to the load center with the supplied lock


5. Anchor the Load Manager™ switch to the wall at

the selected position, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 2 — Planning Switch Location

Figure 3 — Wire Loom from Switch

Figure 4 — Anchoring Load Manager™ Switch