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NX-7002 for primary reporting

The NX-7002 can be configured to be the primary transmitter. In this case, the NX-7002 acts

as the main alarm reporting device.

If the NX-7002 fails, for example, if there is no GSM coverage or there is jamming, if the

network of the provider is down or there are technical problems on the receiver side, another

device (the onboard dialler of the panel or an auxiliary dialler) can be configured to act as

backup. In this case, set location 2 to 255 (Other dialler) as backup for the NX-7002.

If another dialler is used as the backup device:

Enable the Autotest report options in that dialler.

Ensure that the reporting format used in the backup device is the same as the reporting

format used in the NX-7002.

If the NX-7002 fails to report over the GPRS network to the IP receiver, you can use a second

report control from the NX-7002 as backup. For example, use SMS reporting as the backup

report control. In this case, set location 1 to 1 (TCP/IP1) and location 2 to 5 (SMS1).

NX-7002 for backup reporting

The NX-7002 can be configured to transmit events only when the primary dialler (control

panel, auxiliary dialler) fails to do so. In this case, the NX-7002 acts as the backup reporting


The NX-7002 can be configured as the backup device of the control panel in two ways:

1. Backup reporting using a report control (TCP/IP or SMS)

Select the desired report control in location 1 and set the corresponding report control as a

secondary (backup) report control in location 25.

2. Backup reporting using the GSM voice channel

In this case, the NX-7002 acts as a transparent backup device for the control panel. No

programming in the NX-7002 is required, except for the SIM PIN code in location 169. All event

reporting is programmed in the control panel.

The phone number must be programmed twice in the control panel:

Program phone number 1 as usual. For example, 011234567.

Enter a “10” in front of phone number 2. For example, 10011234567. This forces the NX-

7002 to dial the phone number instead of the control panel.

The special audio cable (included) must be stuffed between the NX-7002 and the control

panel. See NX-7002 layout and description for more information.

NX-7002 Installation manual

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