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Contact ID reporting protocol.


Circuit Switched Data. This is the communication used to upload/download data. It is similar

to a modem but it is wireless and built in to the NX-7002 (see locations 0, 162 segment 10 and

location 168).


General Packet Radio Service. A global standard for wireless communications with a

maximum speed of 115 kilobits per second. It supports a range of bandwidths and can

transmit and receive both small bursts and large amounts of data.


Global System for Mobile Communications. A global standard for wireless communications

with a maximum speed of 9.6 kilobits per second. It supports narrowband Time Division

Multiple Access (TDMA).

Non transparent mode

An intermediate modem is used on the network to transfer data from one modem to another

(see location 0 segment 1).


The network operator for the SIM card.


Polling is the process by which the system reports periodically to a receiver to say it is still

alive. It works in conjunction with TCP/IP reporting only. Polling is more frequent than a daily

test call but less frequent than continuous monitoring. If you configure a very short polling

time, polling occurs very frequently and can generate large quantities of data. When setting

the polling time, you should consider the speed of the GPRS network and the cost of data

transmission (see location 0, segment 3 and location 162 segment 6).

PUK code

Personal Unblocking Key. The code to use to unblock the SIM card. The SIM card can block

when an incorrect SIM PIN is entered repeatedly.

Report control

A block of reporting data that contains configurations to format selected events into one or

more messages according to pre-configured settings and send them to specified destinations

(see location 1).


Received Signal Strength Indicator. This indicates the field signal strength of the NX-7002 (see

location 172 and location 162 segment 11 and 12).

Secondary reporting

The means of reporting events that the control panel fails to report. When secondary

reporting is enabled, the report control set in the NX-7002 will act as a backup for the control

panel (see location 25 and location 162 segment 3).

NX-7002 Installation manual

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