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Page 7: Selecting the module to program, Programming a location, Exiting a location, Rogramming the, Nx-7002, Via the, Keypad

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NX-7002 GPRS


Programming the NX-7002 via the LED keypad


To enter the program mode, press [*]-[8]. At this time, the five function LED’s (Stay, Chime, Exit,

Bypass and Cancel) will begin to flash. Next, enter the “Go To Program Code” (factory default is

[9]-[7]-[1]-[3]). If the “Go To Program Code” is valid, the “Service” LED will flash and the five

function LED’s will illuminate steady. You are now in the program mode and ready to select

the module to program.

Note: It is impossible to enter program mode if any partition or the system is armed.


Since all modules connected to the NetworX are programmed through the keypad, the

module you are programming should be the first entry. To program the NX-7002 module,

enter [7]-[8]-[#]. The [7]-[8] is the module number of the NX-7002 and the [#] is the entry key.


Once the number of the module to be programmed has been entered, the “Armed” LED will

illuminate, indicating it is waiting for a programming location to be entered. Any location can

be accessed by directly entering the desired programming location followed by the pound [#]

key. If the location entered is a valid location, the “Armed” LED will extinguish, the “Ready” LED

will illuminate, and the zone LED’s will show the binary data for the first segment of this

location. While entering new data, the “Ready” LED will begin flashing to indicate a data

change in process. The flashing will continue until the new data is stored by pressing the [*]

key. Upon pressing the [*] key, the keypad will advance to the next segment and display its

data. This procedure is repeated until the last segment is reached. Pressing the [#] key will exit

from this location and the “Armed” LED will illuminate again waiting for a new programming

location to be entered. If the desired location is the next sequential location, press the [Police]

key. If the previous location is desired press the [Fire] key. If the same location is desired press

the [Medic] key. To review the data in a location, repeat the above procedure, pressing the [*]

key without any numeric data entry. Each time the [*] key is pressed, the programming data

of the next segment will be displayed for review.


After the last segment of a location is programmed, pressing the [*] key will exit that location,

turn the “Ready” LED off and the “Armed” LED on. As before, you are now ready to enter

another programming location. If an attempt is made to program an invalid entry for a

particular segment, the keypad sounder will emit a triple error beep (beep, beep, beep) and

remain in that segment awaiting a valid entry.

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