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When all the desired changes in programming have been made, it is time to exit the program

mode. Pressing the [Exit] key will exit this programming level and then return to the “Select a

Module to Program” level. If no additional modules are to be programmed, pressing the [Exit]

key again will exit the program mode. If there is a module to be programmed, it may be

selected by entering its address followed by the [#] key (see Selecting the module to program

for more information). The procedure for programming these devices is the same as for the

control panel, except the locations will be for the module selected.

Note: Each time you exit programming mode, the modem restarts and reads the PIN

number, network operator and SMSC address number from the NX-7002 configuration.

Programming the NX-7002 via the LCD keypad

All steps required for programming are the same as the aforementioned LED keypad. The LCD

keypad display will prompt you for the data required. While in the programming mode, and

not in a location, the number in parenthesis is the location you were previously changing.

For example, if the display reads “Enter location, then # (5)”, it is reminding you that location 5

was the last location you programmed. Refer also to “Programming Data” which follows.

Programming data

Programming data is always one of two types. One type of data is numerical, which can have

values from 0-15 or 0-255 depending on the segment size. The other type of data, feature

selection data, is used to turn features on or off. Use the following procedures with these two

data types.


Numerical data is programmed by using the numeric keys of the system keypad to enter a

number from 0-255. To view the data in a location, a binary process is used. With this process,

the LED’s for zones 1 through 8 are utilized, and the numeric equivalents of their illuminated

LED’s are added together to determine the data in a programming location. The numeric

equivalents of these LED’s are as follows:

Zone 1 LED = 1

Zone 2 LED = 2

Zone 3 LED = 4

Zone 4 LED = 8

Zone 5 LED = 16

Zone 6 LED = 32

Zone 7 LED = 64

Zone 8 LED = 128

Example: If the numerical data to be programmed in a location is “66”, press [6] - [6] on the

keypad. The LED’s for zone 2 and zone 7 will become illuminated indicating 66 is in that

location (2 + 64 = 66).

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