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Avoid installing the module:


Where temperatures exceed 49°C or fall below 0°C.


In the immediate vicinity of electronic equipment.


In humid rooms. The module is not hermetically sealed and excess moisture on the

circuit board can eventually cause an electrical fault.

Keep the antenna within 2 m of the panel.

Before permanently mounting the module, test it at the intended location to ensure that

the remote alarm receiver can receive signal transmissions. There may be blind or non-

operational locations within the installation. Normally these can be overcome by moving

the antenna.

Note: To test the signal strength at the intended location, insert the SIM card into a mobile

phone and check the strength indicator on the mobile phone.




Inside the can, several 2-holed insertion points have been constructed. This allows for either

vertical or horizontal placement of the modules. Notice that each insertion point has two sizes

of holes -a larger hole and a smaller hole.

Diagram 1: The black plastic PCB guides are grooved on one

edge where the PC board will be seated. The end with the half-

moon protrusion fits into the larger hole. The smaller hole is for

the screw.

Diagram 2: Place the first black plastic PCB guide in the top

insertion point, grooved edge downward. The half-moon

protrusion will be in the large hole. It does not require force.

Insert one of the provided screw into the smaller hole (from

inside the can) to secure it in place. A screwdriver should reach

through the notch that runs the length of the guide to tighten

the screw. The second PBC guide should be positioned opposite

the first (grooved edge up) and placed in the lower insertion

point, using the same procedures described above. Once

mounted, screw it in securely.

Diagram 3: The module should slide freely in the grooves of

both guides.

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