General explanation, English – Marantz DV4100 User Manual

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General explanation

About this manual

This manual gives the basic instructions for operating this DVD player.
Some DVDs require specific operation or allow only limited operation
during playback. In these cases, the player may not respond to all
operating commands. When this occurs, please refer to the
instructions contained with the DVD. When the symbol Ä appears on
the TV screen, the operation is not permitted by the player or the disc.

Remote control operation

- Unless otherwise stated, all operations can be carried out with the

remote control. Always point the remote control directly at the player,
making sure there are no obstructions in the path of the infrared beam.
When there are corresponding keys on the front panel of the player,
they can also be used.

Menu bar operation

- A number of operations can be carried out via the menu bar on the

screen. The menu bar can be accessed by pressing any of the
following keys on the remote control: SETUP OSD, T-C, Angle, Audio
Language, Subtitle Language and Zoom.

- The following functions are available via the menu bar:

- V

Personal Preferences

- W


- X


- Y

Audio language

- Z

Subtitle language

- }


- a


- c

Video Program

- d


- e

Picture by Picture

- f

Slow motion

- g

Fast motion

- h

Time search

- The various items can be selected by pressing the SETUP OSD button,

then the w/v keys or by pressing relevant keys on the remote control.

- Pressing SETUP OSD while the menu bar is displayed will clear the

menu bar from the screen.

- When selecting an item in the menu bar, the selected item will be

high lighted and the appropriate cursor keys to operate this item will
be displayed below the icon.

- < or > indicates that more items are available at the left/right of the

menu bar. Press t or u to select these items.