Marantz DV4100 User Manual

Page 21

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Changing the 4-digit code


When disc playback is stopped, select ACCESS CONTROL in the
features menu using the w/v keys.


Enter the old code.


Move to CHANGE CODE using the w key.


Press the u key.


Enter the new 4-digit code.


Enter the code a second time and reconfirm by pressing OK.


Press t to exit the menu.

Note: If you forget your 4 digit code, it can be cancelled by pressing 9
four times in the ‘Access Control’ dialog. You can then enter a new
code (twice!) as described above.

Parental Control Disclaimer

This DVD player features the PARENTAL CONTROL system which is
intended to activate when playing DVD discs furnished with certain
software coding. This is according to technical standards adopted by
the set maker and disc content industries.
Please note that the PARENTAL CONTROL system will not operate a
DVD disc which is not furnished with the appropriate software coding.
Also note that at the time of release of this DVD player, certain aspects
of the technical standards had not been settled between set makers
and the disc industries.
On this basis MARANTZ cannot guarantee functioning of the PARENTAL
CONTROL system and denies any liability associated with unintended
watching of disc content.
If in doubt, please make sure the disc plays according to your
PARENTAL CONTROL settings before you allow children access.