Operation, Loading discs, Playing a dvd-video disc – Marantz DV4100 User Manual

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Loading discs


Press OPEN/CLOSE on the front of the player. The disc tray opens.


Load your chosen disc in the tray, label side up (also when a double
sided DVD is inserted). Make sure it is sitting properly in the correct


Gently push the tray, or press OPEN/CLOSE, to close the tray.

➤ READ appears in the status window and on the player display,
and playback starts automatically.

Note: If ‘Child Lock’ is set to ON and the disc inserted is not in the ‘child
safe’ list (not authorized), the 4-digit code must be entered and/or the
disc must be authorized (see ‘Access Control’).

Playing a DVD-video disc

Playing a title

➤ After inserting the disc and closing the tray, playback starts

automatically and the status window and the player display show
the type of disc loaded, as well as information about the disc’s
contents and playing time.

The disc may invite you to select an item from a menu. If the selections
are numbered, press the appropriate numerical key; if not, use the w/v,
t/u keys to highlight your selection, then press OK.
➤ The currently playing title and chapter number are displayed in the

menu bar and the player display.

The elapsed playing time is shown in the status window and the player

If required, you can use the Sound key to select Stereo, Dolby
Surround or 3D-Sound.
Play may stop at the end of the Title, and the player may return to
the DVD menu. To go on to the next title, press 2.

To stop play at any other time, press 9.
➤ The default screen will appear, giving information about the
current status of the player.

You can resume play from the point at which you stopped play. Press

2; when you see the Resume icon . on the screen, press 2 again.
➤ The RESUME feature applies not only to the disc in the player,
but also to the last four discs you have played. Simply reload the
disc and press 2; when you see the Resume icon . on the screen ,
press 2 again.

Note: Since it is usual for DVD movies to be released at different times
in different regions of the world, all players have region codes. Discs
can have an optional region code. If you load a disc of a different
region code into your player, you will see the region code notice on the
screen. The disc will not play and should be removed from the player.