Unpacking, Placement – Marantz DV4100 User Manual

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Video CD

You will recognize Video CDs by the logo shown at the left.
Depending on the material on the disc (a movie, video clips, a drama
series, etc.) the disc may have one or more tracks. Tracks may have
one or more indexes, as indicated on the disc case. To make playback
easy and convenient, your player lets you select tracks and indexes.

Super VCD

SVCD discs based on the Super VCD IO Standard based on the
Standard of the Electronics Industry of the People’s Republic of China.

Audio CD

Audio CDs contain music tracks only.
You will recognize Audio CDs by their logo which is shown at the left.
You can play them in conventional style through a stereo system, using
the keys on the remote control and/or front panel, or via the TV using
the On-Screen Display (OSD).


First check and identify the contents of your DVD-Video player
You should have the following items.

DVD-Video player


Remote Control with batteries


AC power cord


Audio/Video cable


SCART cable


Instructions for use

Keep the packaging materials; you may need them to transport your
player in the future.


Place the player on a firm, flat surface.

Keep the player away from domestic heating equipment and direct

In a cabinet, allow about 2.5 cm (1 inch) of free space all around
the player for adequate ventilation.

If the DVD-Video player cannot read CDs/DVDs correctly, use a
commonly available cleaning CD/DVD to clean the lens before taking
the DVD-Video player to be repaired. Other cleaning methods may
destroy the lens. Always keep the tray closed to avoid dust on the lens.

The lens may cloud over when the DVD-Video player is suddenly
moved from cold to warm surroundings. Playing a CD/DVD is not
possible then. Leave the DVD-Video player in a warm environment
until the moisture evaporates.