Marantz DV4100 User Manual

Page 18

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- Digital output
Factory setting: ALL. This means that both coaxial and optical outputs
are switched on. If you are not connecting equipment with a digital
input, change the setting to OFF.
If your equipment doesn't include a digital multi-channel decoder, set
the digital output to PCM (Pulse Code Modulation). Both coaxial and
optical outputs are switched on.

- Analog output
Select Stereo, Dolby Surround or 3D sound.

- Night Mode
Optimizes the dynamics of the sound with low volume playback.

- Karaoke vocal
Put this setting to ON only when a multi-channel karaoke DVD is being
played. The karaoke channels on the disc will then be mixed to a
normal stereo sound.

Select the required Menu, Audio and Subtitle language. See ‘Initial Setup’.
Audio language and Subtitle language can also be adapted via the
Menu bar on the screen.

- Access Control
Access Control contains the following features:
Child Lock - When Child Lock is set to ON, a 4-digit code needs to be
entered in order to play discs.
Parental control - Allows the conditional presentation of DVDs
containing Parental Control information (see ‘Access Control’).

- Status Window
Displays the current status of the player and is displayed with the menu
bar. When disc playback is stopped, it is displayed with the ‘Temporary
Feedback Field’ in the default screen. See ‘On-Screen Display information;
Factory setting is ON. Select OFF to suppress display of the Status Window.