Self timer, Power saver – IXLA 640 User Manual

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Recharging the flash

The flash may need time to recharge between
photos. When the flash is ready, the Flash
light on the back of the camera glows
orange. If the Flash display is not lit, wait a
few moments for the flash to recharge.

Self Timer

The Digital SuperPro 640 is equipped with a 10 second Self Timer. It creates
a ten second delay between the time you press the Self Timer button and the
time the photo is taken. This allows you to take a photo with yourself included.

To use the Self Timer


Hold down the Self Timer button.


The Self Timer indicator will begin to flash and beep.


The beeps become faster over a period of ten seconds.


When the sound stops, the shutter captures the image.

Power Saver

The Digital SuperPro 640 has an automatic power cut-off. If the camera has
not been used for twenty seconds, the power will automatically switch off. To
turn the power back on, press the Power button.

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