3digital superpro 640 features, System requirements – IXLA 640 User Manual

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Digital SuperPro 640 features

Built in flash

Self timer

Fixed focus from 3 feet to infinity

LCD character display

640 x 480 pixel resolution

Stores 30 photos

Serial and USB connector to your computer

System requirements

Pentium® processor or equivalent

Microsoft® Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows NT® 4.0 (SP3+)
or Windows® 2000.

16MB RAM (32 MB or higher recommended)

CD-ROM drive


256 color or higher graphics card (16 bit is highly recommended)

Internet access required for on-line components

Windows compatible printer (optional)

Serial or USB port

USB requires Microsoft® Windows® 98 or Windows® 2000.

User Manual

Digital SuperPro 640

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