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Typical uses for your Digital SuperPro 640 camera

Here is a typical scenario of what you might do with your Digital SuperPro 640

1 Load your batteries.

Load 4 AAA batteries. See page 7.

2 Turn on your camera.

Push the Power button. See page 7.

3 Set the flash settings.

Push the Flash button to toggle
between settings. See page 10.

4 Take a photo.

Push the Shutter button. See page 9.

5 Connect your camera to your


You can use a serial or USB
connection. See page 13.

6 Transfer your photo to the


Use the software to download your
photos to the computer. See page 12.

7 Work with your photo on your


Print your photo on your home printer,
or send it to others by e-mail. Use it in a
document, edit it, use it in a Web site,
place it in an electronic photo album
and much more.

Digital SuperPro 640

User Manual

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