IXLA 640 User Manual

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You cannot connect the serial cable to the computer’s COM port.

Possible Cause


Your computer’s COM port outlet
and the cable attachment plug
are of different sizes.

See your computer parts supplier for
an adaptor.

You cannot import photos from your camera.

Possible Cause


The camera is turned off.

Hold down the Power button until
you can see the Power light.

The serial cable is not connected
properly to the camera or to the

Connect the serial cable according
to the instructions on page 12.

The communication settings may
be set to the incorrect COM port.

Adjust the communication settings.
Refer to the software

There is a conflict with another
serial device.

Refer to the documentation that
came with your computer and
operating system.

Your computer does not support
57.6 k or higher baud rates.

Reduce the baud rate to 19.2 k and
try again.

You connected to the camera
within a different application, and
the COM port is now “busy”.

Go back to the other application and
disconnect from your camera. Then
try again.

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