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6 Tips and troubleshooting

Monitor adjustment

To make sure that your photos look their best you may need to adjust your
monitor to 16-bit color or higher.

To adjust the monitor


Click the Windows Start button.


Click Settings and then Control Panel from the pop-up menus.


Double-click the Display icon.


Click the Settings tab.


The Color Palette group should be showing High Color (16-bit) or True
Color (24 bit)
. If it is lower than this setting (e.g. 256 color), then choose
High Color or True Color from the list box.


Click OK.


You may need to restart your computer after making this change.


There are a number of ways to improve the quality of your prints.

Check your printer software settings. Make sure that your printer is set
to print at high resolution.

Make sure that you are printing on good quality paper. Check with
your printer vendor for advice about the best paper for your printer.

Make sure that your ink cartridges are fresh.

The ideal printing size for photos taken with the Digital SuperPro 640
is 6 x 4 inches (w x h). Enlarging photos for printing may result in a
loss of quality. For best results, always print photos at the
recommended size.

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6 Tips and troubleshooting