IXLA 640 User Manual

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To connect the camera to the PC


Plug one end of the cable into the camera; it’s
the end with only one adapter.


On the other end of the cable, choose either
the serial connection adapter or the USB adapter and plug it into your
computer; the adapter with 9 holes is the serial connection, the other
adapter is the USB adapter; see photos below.


Turn on the camera.

You are now ready to import photos from your camera to your computer. Refer
to the section on importing photos in the software documentation.

Important USB Information

To use the USB cable you must have:

A USB port on your PC. For more information, check with your PC

USB support in your operating system. Window 98 includes USB
support, and Windows NT up to version 4 does not support USB.

A USB driver installed for your camera. The USB driver is
automatically installed when you install the software supplied with your
Digital SuperPro 640 camera.

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Digital SuperPro 640

4 Transferring photos to the computer

Serial connector

USB connector