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This warranty does not cover: circumstances beyond IXLA’s control; service or
parts to correct problems resulting form the use of attachments; accessories or
alterations not marketed by IXLA; service required as the result of unauthorized
modifications or service; misuse; abuse; failure to follow IXLA’s operating,
maintenance or repackaging instructions; or failure to use items supplied by
IXLA (such as adaptors and cables).

IXLA makes no other warranties, express, implied, or of merchantability or
fitness for a particular purpose for this equipment or software.

Repair or replacement without charge are IXLA’s only obligation under this
warranty. IXLA will not be responsible for any special, consequential or
incidental damages resulting form the purchase, use or improper functioning of
this equipment regardless of the cause. Such damages for which IXLA will not
be responsible include, but are not limited to, loss of revenue or profit,
downtime costs, loss of use of the equipment, cost of any substitute equipment,
facilities or services, or claims of customers for such damages.

Depending on your geographical location, some limitations and exclusions may
not apply.

Application Support

For application specific support, contact your reseller, systems integrator,
software manufacturer or dealer.

How to obtain service

When returning a camera for repair, pack the camera in the original packaging
materials. A problem report should also be enclosed with the equipment. If the
original packaging has been discarded or is not available, packaging will be at
the owner’s expense.

Unless a specific IXLA warranty is communicated to the purchaser in writing by
IXLA, no other warranty or liability exists beyond the information contained
above, even through defect, damage or loss may be caused by negligence or
other act.

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