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9 Warranty Information

Warranty Time Period

IXLA warrants the Digital SuperPro 640 to be free from malfunctions and
defects in both materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of

Warranty Repair Coverage

This warranty will be honored within the geographical location that the product
was purchased.

If the equipment does not function properly during the warranty period due to
defects in either materials or workmanship, IXLA will, at its option, either repair
or replace the equipment without charge, subject to the conditions and
limitations stated herein. Such repair service will include all labor, as well as
any necessary adjustments and/or replacement parts.

If replacement parts are used in making repairs, these parts may be
remanufactured or may contain remanufactured materials. If it is necessary to
replace the entire system, it may be replaced with a remanufactured system.

IXLA will also provide telephone assistance during the warranty period.


Warranty service will not be provided without dated proof of purchase. Please
return the registration card within 30 days of purchase.

This warranty becomes null and void if you fail to pack your Digital SuperPro
camera in a manner consistent with the original product packaging and
damage occurs during product shipment.

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9 Warranty Information