Loading the imaging film – Sharp UX-340LM User Manual

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Loading the Imaging Film


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Loading the Imaging Film

Your fax uses a roll of imaging film to create printed text and images. The print head
in the fax applies heat to the imaging film to transfer ink to the paper. Follow the
steps below to load or replace the film.

Note: If there is paper in the paper
tray, pull the paper release plate
forward and remove the paper before
loading the imaging film.

When replacing the film, use a roll of
Sharp UX-3CR imaging film. One roll
can print about 100 letter-size pages.

The initial starter roll of imaging film
included with your fax can print about
30 letter-size pages.


Open the operation panel by

grasping the finger hold and pulling


Pull the green release on the right

side of the machine forward, and
open the print compartment cover.

If you are installing the imaging film
for the first time, go to Step 6.

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