Sharp UX-340LM User Manual

Page 84

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Sending Documents From Memory


If the memory becomes full...

If the memory becomes full while the
document is being scanned,
MEMORY IS FULL will appear in the

Press the START/MEMORY key if
you want to transmit the pages
which have been stored up to that
point in memory. The remaining
pages will be ejected from the
feeder. After transmission, the
memory will be cleared and you
can transmit the remaining pages.
You will also need to transmit the
page which was being scanned
when the memory filled up.

Press the STOP key if you want to
cancel the entire transmission.


Press the START/MEMORY key if

you entered a Speed Dial number
or a full number.


The document will be scanned and
stored in memory. Your fax will then
dial the receiving machine and
transmit the document (redialing
will take place automatically if
necessary). Page 82 Tuesday, November 28, 2000 3:09 PM