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BTP-M280 User’s Manual

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2.5 Print and Tear-off Position

2.5.1 Print position

L1: Paper width

L2: Print width

L3: Print left margin

L4: Print right margin

According to the different paper width of the L1, the print width (L2) and the left/right margin (L3/L4)

should be changed as below:

Paper width (L1)

Print width (L2)

Left margin (L3)

Right margin (L4)

80/76mm 63.4mm 6.8mm 5.8mm

69.5mm 57mm 6.8mm 5.7mm

57.5mm 47.5mm 6.8mm 3.2mm

2.5.2Tear-off position

L1: About 21.5mm

L2: About 34mm