Jiaye General Merchandise Co BTP-M280 User Manual

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BTP-M280 User’s Manual

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4.2.2 Wall-mounting (optional)

Wall-mount is an optional function. The wall-mount mode is shown as below.

1) Two 50mm-deep holes should be made with a hammer-drill in a suitable wall, of the sizes shown


2) Insert plastic plugs and screws into Φ6 holes and ensure that the end sides of the plugs are flush with

the surface of the wall.

3) Put the screws into plastic plugs with screwdriver, keeping a distance of 10mm between screw head

and wall side.

4) Install the printer according to the arrowhead.



In case of wall-mount, the printer must be oriented upwards.


The hook on the wall should be firmly positioned to avoid printer damage or risk of falling.

4.3 Connecting to a ground line

Printer housing should be grounded. Please ensure the material is AWG18 or


1) Turned off the printer.

2) Loosen the ground line screw and connect it to back case of printer with