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BTP-M280 User’s Manual

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General Safety Instruction

Before installing and using the printer, please read the following items carefully:

1. Safety Instructions

Warning: Do not touch the tear-off bar of the printer.

Warning: The print head is at a high temperature during printing or just after operation, do not

touch it and its peripherals for reasons of safety


Warning: The print head is an ESD-sensitive device. To prevent damage, do not touch either its

printing parts or connecting parts.

2. Cautions

1) Install the printer on a flat and stable surface.

2) Reserve adequate space around the printer so that convenient operation and maintenance can be


3) Keep the printer away from water source, direct sunlight, strong light and heat.

4) Do not use or store the printer in a place exposed to heat or fire, moisture or other pollution.

5) Do not place the printer on a place exposed to vibration or impact.

6) Avoid exposing the printer to condensation. In case of condensation, ensure it has been completely

removed before turn on the power.

7) Connect the power adapter to an appropriate grounded outlet. Avoid sharing a single electrical

outlet with large power motors and other devices that may cause the fluctuation in voltage.

8) The socket-outlet should be installed near the equipment and should be easily accessible.

9) Turn off the power if you do not use the printer for a long time.

10) Do not spill water or other electric substances (like metal) on the printer. If this happens, turn off the

power immediately.

11) Do not allow the printer to start printing when there is no paper, otherwise the print head and platen

roller will be damaged.

12) To ensure print quality and normal lifetime, use recommended or good quality paper and ribbon.

13) Shut down the printer when connecting or disconnecting interface connectors to avoid damage to

the control board.

14) Do not disassemble the printer without guidance from a technician, even for the purpose of repair.

15) Keep this manual safe and at hand for reference purpose.