Jiaye General Merchandise Co BTP-M280 User Manual

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BTP-M280 User’s Manual

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3) Ensure the paper head is trimmed and drop the paper roll into the paper cabinet.

4) Pull a certain length of paper along the paper-out direction, then close the back cover and tear off the

surplus paper.



User should adjust the paper guide according to the width of paper roll being used.


Paper roll should be loaded as shown:


Paper roll should be rolled tightly to eliminate risk of paper jam or other faults.


Paper should be loaded in paper cabinet firmly and straight; otherwise, paper auto-load and print will

be affected.


The edge of the paper head is not allowed to deviate from the paper path.

4.10 Printer self-test

4.10.1 Turn on the printer

1) Ensure the printer is connected with power cable.

2) Press “—” of the power switch to turn on and initialize the printer.

4.10.2 self-test

1) Ensure the printer is connected with power cable; sufficient ribbon and paper roll have been loaded.

2) Ensure the printer is powered off.

3) Hold FEED button while pressing “—” of the power switch. After ERROR LED flashes once, release

FEED button. The printer will print out configuration information and following information: “Press and

Release FEED key to print characters” and “Press and Hold FEED key to configure the printer”, then

enter hold-on status. The PAPER LED flashes.

4) Press the FEED button for a short time, the printer will print a second page with a pattern using the

built-in character sets; press the FEED button for a long time, the printer will enter into button

configuration mode. For detail function and operation method of button configuration mode, please

contact your dealer.