7 troubleshooting, 1 cutter error troubleshooting, 2 printer doesn’t work – Jiaye General Merchandise Co BTP-M280 User Manual

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BTP-M280 User’s Manual

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7 Troubleshooting

In case of printer fault, consult this section for solutions and advice.

If you do not find a solution in this section, please contact your local dealer for assistance.

7.1 Cutter error troubleshooting

When cutter fails to recover due to paper jam or sudden off-line status, perform the following actions:

1)Turn off power of the printer.

2)Pull the latch to open the back cover of the printer.

3)Power on the printer, the cutter will be reset automatically.



To avoid injury, please do not touch the sliding blade of the cutter when printer is power on.

7.2 Printer doesn’t Work


Possible causes


Printer power is off

Make sure that printer cable has been connected properly on both

Printer is not turned on

Turn on printer.

LED is off and the
doesn’t work

Circuit is damaged

Contact your local dealer.

7.3 Error LED and Buzzer


Possible causes


Paper near end

Replace roll paper.

Paper end

Replace roll paper.

Back cover up

Close back cover.

Cutter error

Refer to 7.1 Cutter error troubleshooting.

Input voltage abnormal

Turn off printer power and check input voltage.

Print head overheated

Turn off printer power and wait until the print head turn to normal
If ribbon is damaged, replace ribbon.

Error LED flashes
and buzzer beeps

HP error

Press & hold FEED button or power on the printer again.

7.4 Problems during Printing


Possible causes


Printout is light and not clear

Ribbon ink is out

Replace ribbon.

Always feed paper in printing

Confirm if paper type matches
with the paper used

Replace with correct roll paper.

Printout is not clear or dirty

Print head or paper feed platen is dirty

Clean print head or paper feed platen.

Paper cannot be fed normally

Paper jam

Open back cover to check paper path and
remove paper jam.

Ribbon is damaged

Replace ribbon.

Horizontal printout is missing

Print head error

Contact your local dealer.