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BTP-M280 User’s Manual

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7.5 Problems during Using Driver


Possible causes


Printer can not print when using
USB interface

Device driver is not installed.

Refer to 4.11.3 Installing the USB
device driver.

Print mass code with serial

Configure serial parameter incorrectly

Print a self-test page to confirm serial
configuration of the current printer and
configure it correctly.

Parameter of the printer not correct

Configure two color printing please refer

to 4.11.2 Parameter explanation.

Can not print two color

Used one color ribbon

Change to two color ribbon.

Black mark fails to be positioned

Page settings are not correct

Select correct paper type in the
document setting option.

Overtime setting is too short

Extend the overtime of serial and
communication referring to the help file
in the package.

Printer can not work normally
under serial, parallel interface

Current port is occupied.

Close other programs which use the