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Chapter 6 Tele-File

Chapter 6


6-2 Opening the Tele-File Menu

Opening from the function menu

Display page 5 of the function menu in the menu
display section, and then press the F1 (TELE-F)

The Tele-File menu opens.

For details about the function menu, see Chapter 8
“Function Menu” (page 8-1).

Opening automatically

When setup menu item 134 is set to ON, and when the
current function menu page is HOME, HOME2, or
page 1 to page 6, the Tele-File menu opens
automatically whenever a Tele-File label is detected on
a cassette loaded into the VTR.

For details about setup menu item 134, see Section 9-4
“Items in the Extended Setup Menu” (page 9-12).

Configuration of the Tele-File menu

The Tele-File menu has a tree structure, as illustrated
When the menu first opens, the menu operations mode
is clip data display mode.

[Tele-File menu]

Clip data display mode

Attribute data display/
modify mode

Clip data modify mode

Undo check mode

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