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Chapter 1



Chapter 1


1-1 Features

Basic operation buttons and jog/shuttle

The basic buttons and jog/shuttle dial for VTR and
editing operations are provided in the conventional
VTR layout, ensuring continuity with conventional
operating panels.

Time data display

This can be selected to display a CTL counter value,
time code value, or time code user bits. It can also
display edit points and edit durations.

Menu-based control interface

The time data/menu display shows not only various
values and settings, but also the pages of a menu
system for commonly used functions. You can use the
function keys and MULTI CONTROL knob to easily
change settings.
Other operation settings, including interfacing with
external devices, can be set from the control panel by
the same type of setup menu system as on a
conventional VTR.

High quality variable speed playback and
digital jog sound function

In HDCAM format playback, the dedicated playback
DT heads allow smooth, noiseless playback. During
Betacam SX playback, noiseless playback is achieved
through unique multihead playback technology.
In slow motion operation, the digital jog sound
function provides the same ease of operation as for a
conventional analog VTR.

DMC editing

This allows automatic playback with a varying speed
memorized beforehand for the desired segment.

Downward converter function

The unit has an HD-to-SD downward converter
function, and can output standard definition SDI,
analog component and analog composite signals even
while playing back an HDCAM format tape.

Upward converter function

The unit features a standard definition to high
definition (SD-to-HD) upward converter as standard
equipment. This allows high-quality HD signals to be
output even when playing back tapes recorded in
formats other than HDCAM.

Tele-File functions

Tele-File enables data writing/reading between
cassettes with memory labels and VTRs. It increases
the efficiency of operations such as cuing up and
playback, and source data management.

Remote control function

This unit can be controlled from an external remote
controller or editor through an interface complying
with RS-422A (serial 9-pin). Since two remote control
connectors are provided, you can also control a
number of VTRs simultaneously.
Additionally, a parallel (50-pin) interface is also fitted
as standard, supporting easy external control through
the parallel interface.

Rack mounting

Using the optional RMM-131 Rack Mount Adaptor,
you can mount the unit in a standard EIA 19-inch rack.

For details of rack mounting, refer to the Installation

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