Chapter 2: setting up and using the printer, What is in the box – NCR 7156 User Manual

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7156 Setup and User’s Guide

Chapter 2: Setting Up and Using the Printer

September 1998


Chapter 2: Setting Up and Using the Printer

What Is in the Box?

The following items are packed in the shipping box (printers shipped in bulk may
not include all of these items):

Printer enclosed in a plastic bag and foam pack

Thermal receipt paper roll (inside receipt bucket)

Test printout protecting the thermal printhead (inside receipt bucket)

Cardboard support for cantilever (on slip table)

Foam restraint for carriage (behind front cover)

Power supply with cable connecting to printer and power supply cord
connecting to power outlet (only if ordered with the printer)

Ribbon cassette

Clips for securing cables under the base
If not in the box, the clips will be attached or molded to the base.

Installation report card (please complete this form and return to NCR)

7156 Thermal Receipt and Impact Slip Printer: Setup and User’s Guide
(this booklet)

These items may be ordered as options from NCR and will be shipped separately:

Communication cable (from host computer to printer)

Cash drawer with cables (may be ordered from other equipment suppliers: see
“Ordering Other Supplies” in chapter 3)