Loading and changing the receipt paper – NCR 7156 User Manual

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7156 Setup and User’s Guide

Chapter 2: Setting Up and Using the Printer

September 1998


Loading and Changing the Receipt Paper

Although the illustrations show a used roll being removed, the instructions apply
to loading paper for the first time.

Change the paper when either of the following two conditions occurs:

Paper Status LED (red) flashes: the paper is low

There are approximately 1 ½ to 7 ½ meters (5-25 feet) of paper remaining on
the roll. Change the paper as soon as possible to avoid running out part way
through a transaction.

Depending on the application program, the host computer may alert you when
the paper is low.

Paper Status LED (red) turns on: the paper is out

Change the paper immediately or data may be lost.


Do not operate the printer or host computer if the printer runs out of

paper. The printer will not operate without paper, but it may continue to accept
data from the host computer. Because the printer cannot print any transactions, the
data may be lost.