Printing on forms or checks – NCR 7156 User Manual

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Chapter 2: Setting Up and Using the Printer

7156 Setup and User’s Guide

September 1998


Printing on Forms or Checks

There are several types of transactions that require you to insert a form or check
into the printer:

Credit card transaction (some credit card transactions may be printed on the
receipt station and not require any forms)

Multiple-part forms such as credit transactions or merchandise returns

Electronic funds transfers

Check printing (printing the date, payee, and amount on the check face)

Check endorsement

Although the illustration on the facing page shows a check being inserted into the
printer, the instructions apply to any type of form. The 7156 can print on forms up
to five-parts thick. See “Ordering Forms” later in this book for more information
about the type of forms that can be used.


Insert the form or check (check shown in the illustration) from the front and
place it on the slip table top first and with the print side up.

If the form is extra long, you may need to insert it from the side.


Slide the form or check to the right until it lines up against the guide (wall).

If the form is extra long, you may need to slide it over the form stop to
disengage it. In this case, you will need to mark the slip table for lining up the
form for the proper placement of the print on the form.


Slide the form or check toward the back of the printer until it contacts the form
stop (it won't be able to go any further);

Or, align the form or check with any preset mark you may have made on the
slip table for custom forms.

The green LED on the slip table turns on when the form or check is properly
inserted (the form has to cover two sensors on the slip table).


Follow the instructions from the host computer.

The printer begins printing.


Remove the form or check after it has been fed back out.


Follow the instructions from the host computer to finish the transaction.