NCR 7156 User Manual

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September 1998


Important Information to the User

In order to ensure compliance with the Product Safety, FCC and CE marking requirements,
you must use the power supply, power cord, and interface cable which were shipped with
this product or which meet the following parameters:

Power Supply

UL Listed (QQGQ), Class 2 power supply with SELV (Secondary Extra Low Voltage), non-
energy hazard output, limited energy source, input rated 100-240 Vac, 1.5/0.8 A, 50/60 Hz,
output rated 24 Vdc, 2.3 A.

Use of this product with a power supply other than the NCR power supply will require
you to test this power supply and NCR printer for FCC and CE mark certification.

Interface Cable

A shielded (360 degree) interface cable must be used with this product. The shield must be
connected to the frame or earth ground connection or earth ground reference at EACH end
of the cable.

Use of a cable other than described here will require that you test this cable with the NCR
printer and your system for FCC and CE mark certification.

Power Cord

A UL listed, detachable power cord must be used for this product. For applications where
the power supply module may be mounted on the floor, a power cord with Type SJT
marking must be used. For applications outside the US, power cords which meet the
particular country’s certification and application requirements should be used.

Use of a power cord other than described here may result in a violation of safety
certifications which are in force in the country of use.