Choosing a location – NCR 7156 User Manual

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7156 Setup and User’s Guide

Chapter 2: Setting Up and Using the Printer

September 1998


Choosing a Location

The 7156 printer takes up relatively little counter space and may be set on or near
the host computer. Make sure there is enough room to open the receipt cover to
change the paper and to open the front cover to change the ribbon cassette. The
illustration shows the actual dimensions of the printer, but leave several inches
around the printer for connecting and accessing the cables.


The optional Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) check reader

feature has been factory adjusted for a normal operating environment with a host
computer. However, additional devices, such as CRT monitors, or large metal
surfaces that are near the printer can affect the printer’s magnetic field, causing
intermittent reading errors when the MICR check reader is in operation.

This condition can be easily diagnosed by checking the MICR check reader and
adjusting it if the factory setting has been altered by your operating environment.
See the Owner’s Guide for more information.

229 mm

(9.00 in.)

264 mm

(10.40 in.)

347 mm

(13.70 in.)

178 mm

(7.00 in.)

280 mm

(11.00 in.)