Cleaning the printer – NCR 7156 User Manual

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Chapter 2: Setting Up and Using the Printer

7156 Setup and User’s Guide

September 1998


Cleaning the Printer

There is no customer maintenance required for the 7156 printer. However, you
may occasionally clean the cabinet as needed to remove dust and finger marks.
Use any household cleaner designed for plastics, but test it first on a small unseen
area. The cabinet materials and finish are durable and are resistant to the following

Cleaning solutions



Cooking oils

Ultraviolet light

If the receipt paper bucket is dirty, wipe it with a clean, damp cloth.


Do not spray or try to clean the thermal printhead or the inside of the

printer with any kind of cleaner as this may damage the thermal printhead and the

If the printhead appears dirty, wipe it with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. If
spotty or light printing problems persist after cleaning the thermal printhead,
contact your NCR authorized service organization.


The thermal printhead does not normally require cleaning if the

recommended paper grades are used. If non-recommended paper has been used
for an extended period of time, cleaning the printhead with cotton swabs and
rubbing alcohol will not be of much benefit. See “Chapter 3: Ordering Paper and
Supplies” for recommended paper.