Slip station, Both stations, General features – NCR 7156 User Manual

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7156 Setup and User’s Guide

Chapter 1: The 7156 Printer

September 1998


Slip Station

Bi-directional, impact printing

Standard pitch (host selectable): 13.9 characters per inch, 66 columns

Compressed pitch (host selectable): 17.1 characters per inch, 80 columns

Printing of forms up to five plies

Front insertion of forms with forms stop

Side insertion of forms with override of forms stop

Automatic and manual insertion of forms

Form alignment sensors and Slip In LED indicator

Horizontal flat-bed slip table with optional extension (standard with MICR
check reader)

Snap-on ribbon cassette

Both Stations

Variety of print modes: double high (receipt station only), double strike (slip
station only), double wide, upside down, and rotated

Two resident character sets:

PC Code Page 437 (US)

PC Code Page 850 (Multilingual)

16K RAM for downloaded character sets or bit-mapped graphics
(such as logos)

General Features

Cover open sensors

Industry standard RS-232C communication interface

History EEROM for custom settings

Power and communication support for a remote 2x20 pass-through display

Audible tone (controlled by application)


The 7156 does not use a paper journal. The journal is kept electronically by

the host computer.