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Voice Mail User Guide


Playing Your Messages


to play your messages.

After listening to a message, choose an option from the “Play” menu. You can also use these
options while listening to a voice message.

Play Again Repeat the message just played

Answer Send a response to the person who sent the message

Give Send the message to another mailbox

Keep Save this message and play the next (if any)

Discard Delete the message just played and play the next (if any). Discarded messages

cannot be recovered.

Play Message Envelope Tell who the message was from and when it was sent. You

hear the time for messages sent today plus the day for messages sent this week. Messages
sent more than a week ago include the date.

Next Message Skip ahead to the next message.

While listening to a message, you can use the following options:

Pause Stop the message being played—press any key to resume

Fast Forward Skip forward in the message 5 seconds, then resume play

Rewind Back up the message 5 seconds, then resume play.

Making and Sending Messages


to send a message (see the procedure below). See “Helpful Hints” on page 21 for

more information.

1. Enter all destination mailbox and/or distribution list numbers.

For a directory list, press

. Follow the voice prompts to tell the system where to send

this message. Continue creating the list of destinations by entering mailbox numbers
or distribution list numbers, or accessing the directory.

If you enter an incorrect number, press

to delete it from the list.

If you normally use a dialing prefix to call the mailbox user, enter that prefix before the
mailbox number.

2. Press

to end the destination list, then record your message.