Helpful hints, 24 hour touch-tone accessibility, Listening to messages – NetComm 3100 User Manual

Page 21: Sending messages, Message storage limit, Forwarding and transferring messages, Certified messages

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Helpful Hints


Helpful Hints

24 Hour Touch-Tone Accessibility

The voice mail system functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is a touch-tone
telephone to check messages anytime, from any location.

Listening to Messages

The “Pause”, “Rewind”, and “Fast Forward” options in the “Play” menu apply only while you
are listening to a message. Use these keys to replay information you missed, to pause a
message so you can write something, or to quickly move ahead to another message.

While listening to messages, new messages play before saved messages. After you listen to
all messages, you are returned to the Main Menu.

Sending Messages

You can use distribution lists to send messages to multiple mailboxes at once. You can send
a message to more than one distribution list (for example, if you need to send a message to
more mailboxes than a distribution list can accommodate).

Message Storage Limit

The system deletes a saved message after the message is older than the number of days set
by the Administrator (typically 15 days). Deleted messages cannot be recovered.

Forwarding and Transferring Messages

The “Answer” and “Give” options in the “Play” menu only work with other mailboxes in your
company. You cannot reply to a message or forward a message to an outside number.

Certified Messages

When you send a certified message, the system creates a “receipt” containing the names of
the message addressees. This receipt becomes a saved message in your mailbox.

Every time you listen to the receipt, you can find out who has and who has not listened to the
message. When everyone has listened to the message, you can delete the receipt from your