User options – NetComm 3100 User Manual

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Using the Voice Mail System


After recording your message, you can choose an option from the “Send” menu:

Review Listen to the message you just recorded

Discard Replace the recorded message with a new one

Append Add to your recorded message

Message Addressing Options Provides the following message addressing options:

Confidential Prevent the receiver(s) of your message from forwarding it

Receipt Request notification that your message has been heard

Urgent Place this message first in the destination mailbox(es)

Exit Message Addressing Exit the Message Addressing options menu.

Send & Exit Send your message to the destination mailbox(es) and, if required, dial

another extension.

User Options


to choose an option from the “User Options” menu:

Greeting Record your permanent greeting

Name Record your name

Passcode Change your passcode:

Your passcode must have the same number of digits as the default passcode

Your new passcode must be different from your old passcode

You can’t use


in a passcode.

Distribution Lists Set up and send messages to more than one mailbox at a time. See

“Distribution Lists” on page 17

for more information.

Temporary Greeting Record a greeting lasting a specified number of days (from 1 to

99) or until you turn it off. The temporary greeting expires at midnight of the last day specified.
When your temporary greeting expires, the caller hears the permanent greeting. See “Mailbox
Greetings” on page 18
for more information.

Memo Record a message for yourself

Message Notification Instruct the system to notify you of new messages in your

mailbox. You can be notified at an internal or external number, or at a pager (message, tone-only
or digital). See “Message Notification” on page 16 for more information.

Exit Options Exit User Options menu.